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Dayka Robinson dance 2014

I consider it my greatest blessing to be able to make a living doing work that I love.

I live in a space where art meets real life and it’s the best intersection possible–I have a gift for creating beautiful interior spaces & a passion for finding ways to create a life that I’m madly in love with through the Power of Intention. So that’s where I live, teetering joyously right on the corner of Art + Life.

I’ve been blogging since 2009 and as my business has grown, expanded & changed shape, so has this blog. Over the years it’s become more than a place to simply showcase my work or give you instructions on the latest DIY craze–more accurately, DRD is a lifestyle blog that reflects the totality of my life–my work, my passions, my challenges, victories & my thoughts. As my business continues to grow, I find myself wanting to share more of who I am & connect with people (that means YOU!)  on a deeper level through authentic & transparent dialogue. And here’s the truth: there are a ton of really fantastic Interior Design blogs on the web for you to read but my intention is to make this a space where design talk is just one part–not the totality–of what you’ll find as you search these archives. Make no mistake about it–I’m simply a woman (well, a SPELMAN woman but a woman nonetheless) who desperately wanted & believed that she could have a career that she loved and 6 years later, I’m standing in the midst of a wonderful life that I never knew was possible.  There were detours along the way, of course–I took longer than the customary 4 years to graduate from college (I had a really good time), nearly had the life sucked out of me in a dead end job, did a stint in hair school (yup, seriously), experienced some beautifully transformative relationships, got an autoimmune dis-ease and much more in between but finally, I arrived at my sweet spot. And I know that if it can happen for me, it can happen for you, too. So that’s what you’ll find here, inspiration to help you design an amazing life–not just a beautiful home–that you’ll love.

I believe you should seek to design your home & life around the things you love…
..but always be grateful for the things you love in the home & life you have now. 

You deserve to live the good life. I’m here to help you have exactly that.