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In a perfect world

Can you believe this AMAZING house was only $44,000!!?? I ran across this cute property while leisurely driving through the West End and fell in love. It’s a 3 bedroom/1 bath bungalow home with original hardwood floors, fixtures, and a BUTLER’S PANTRY! I’ve always wanted a butler’s pantry to refinish. So, I spent last summer trying to find a way to purchase it, to no avail. Since I’m already a home owner and this home was so cheap, there were requiring me to pay cash, which I did not have. It also needed some work (replace a/c, ceiling repair, new kitchen cabinets, etc.), so this was out for me. But I LOVE this house, and I believe that one day it will be mine. Atlanta has really good deals on some great homes right now–I wish I could get in on the market!
In an ideal life you’d find me in the mist of renovating a 1930s cottage (like this), however in real life, I am always updating or renovating something in my own home, which unfortunately, does not fall in to the aforementioned category. It was built in/around 1984, and I guess I’d call it a cape cod style home in a country neighborhood. But I don’t actually live in the country, just a great little neighborhood. Decorating is an on-going process for me since my mood changes every year or two, but when I’m finally finished, that will be my sign that I need to move. Until that time, there’s always something to do . . . .

2 Comments on In a perfect world

  1. L.Duncan@home23duncanboys
    October 26, 2009 at 8:58 pm (9 years ago)

    This is the kind of house I wanted too! A nice bungalow…And yeah the prices are good, but that’s because you are only getting the “bones” of the house. People have stripped everything that was of any value to the house and I’m talking about things that make it a liveable house!


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