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Live With Intention

It’s not enough to simply claim that you care about yourself; when you believe that you’re worthy of the space you occupy on the planet, you demonstrate that by insisting that every last one of your choices–from the food you put in your mouth to the commitments you put on your calendar–moves you toward the life you want. 

                                                                                                  Oprah Winfrey

The core of my life and the foundation of my business are built around this one call to action:


What exactly does that mean?

It means being deliberate, conscious and aware of the choices you make every day that add up to the life that you create. I believe wholeheartedly that we each have a purpose but I know firsthand that awakening to it requires that we tell ourselves some rough, rugged & raw truths to get really clear about the lives that we want to be leading so we can do just that–lead our lives. After all, it’s 2015 and high time you stopped phoning it in by playing small–ain’t nobody got time for that.

Live With Intention is a movement that encompasses every area of your life by checking your choices against who you say you want to be. Are you being intentional about creating a life and not just laying back and expecting life to happen for you? Are you allowing yourself to be expanded by life and not running for the calmer (read: easier) waters at the first sign of fear? Do your actions line up with who you say you are/want to be? Are your values rooted in soul-based goals that connect you to how you want to feel on a daily basis versus the superficial ones that you think will make you feel good?

If not, it’s time out for anything that isn’t helping you show up your highest self–you know, the person that you secretly dream about being.