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Dayk Robinson Designs Design Proposal & Terms 2016Great client relationships start with stellar design contracts.

Does yours fit the bill??

A stellar design contract should: Be thorough & informative. Protect your interests as you build your design business. Protect your clients, making sure that they’re aware of exactly what they’re getting in return for their investment. Educate your clients about your design philosophy & how you work as a professional. Help you clarify your values & who you are as a business owner. Authentically communicate your expectations. Set you up for success!

If your contract isn’t doing all of this, then you’re in need of a serious upgrade.

After years of fielding emails, phone calls & mentoring sessions from professionals seeking my advice on their business dilemmas + client challenges, I’ve come to one conclusion: I’m sitting on a goldmine of bad-ass info that can directly benefit your bottomline. After almost 6 years in the industry I’ve had an opportunity to work on a wide range of projects that have given me a depth of practical industry experience–experience that’s directly affected the way I do business. And now sharing all this info with you! For the first time ever, I’m making my Dayka Robinson Designs Design Proposal & Terms available for you. This is the actual packet that I personally use with my design clients & it’s 18 pages of design information designed to kick your projects off on the right track. The kind of information that most established designers rarely share outside of their own firms.

You’ll learn: The “behind the scenes” nuts & bolts of my design biz including: The exact fees I charge my clients. My unique method of executing my design retainer. The step by step process I use to create & manage my design projects. The best practices & policies guiding my biz to ensure I’m working with my target clients every time. How I handle trade purchases. How I structure the trinity relationship between designer/tradespeople/client. My exclusive DRD client on-boarding packet is an 18 page PDF packed full of info & covering 4 sections including: a client engagement contract, details of my 8 phase DRD Design Process, answers to client FAQ’s & company policies. You can see exactly what I’m doing and then use my tried & true framework to take your design biz to the next level!

You need it because: It’s time to get clear about who you are as a designer & stop expecting your clients to know things that you aren’t actually communicating to them! Your on-boarding packet isn’t just about establishing the terms for how you’re to be compensated for your craft–it’s actually an incredibly useful tool to communicate your values, practices, philosophy and procedures to your clients! It’s so important to set yourself up for success on your projects and you do that by making sure both you & your client are protected. If you: aren’t sure how to get started on your design projects, need new ways to communicate your values/policies, don’t know how to answer some of your client’s most pressing questions or have ever had a project run completely beyond your initial scope without compensation then I’ll be honest with youYou need to purchase my on-boarding packet. 

This is perfect for: Established designers who want to utilize their on-boarding forms to more thoroughly communicate with clients & set better boundaries. Up & coming designers looking to take a peek into the behind-the-scenes biz of an established & nationally recognized designer. Students fresh out of design school. Design enthusiasts entering the professional field without proper client engagement documents. 

If you fall into any of those categories, then trust me when I say


Click below to complete your purchase.


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