I'm thinking about doing a series (of some sort) that addresses your common design challenges so I need your help! Tell me, 

What's your biggest issue in design?
(and no, money can't be an answer 'cause I can't help you with that one!)

Do you have trouble selecting paint? Not sure where to start on an overall plan? Are you someone who starts off with good intentions but ends up all over the place? Having a hard time pinpointing your style because you like a bit of everything? Do you ace your design but fail at styling?

Whatever your challenge, please take a moment to let me know in the comments--your feedback is appreciated as I craft these posts to answer your biggest questions!


Mimi said...

I'm going through a picking paint dilemma now. Matter of fact every thing that you mentioned is my problem. I have good intentions but I just can't put it all together and I would really like to design my own home for bragging rights of course but it's looking like I may need to call in the experts!

A Journey to " A House of One's Own" said...

I personally have a hard time with wall decor. I can't decide what I want to put on the walls. A painting? Gallery wall? Family pictures? DIY art? Do I need two of everything to be symmetrical? So I ended up with blank walls. I've been in my new house for a year and half and I don't have one thing on the walls.Any advice??

Debra said...

Accessorizing is what stumps me. I know all the "rules" and things that I should do to make that cocktail table look finished, but I still get stuck when it comes to tying it all together.

Anonymous said...

I think the final layers of the rooms are the trickiest. I am pretty confident in my large piece selections and even fabric choices, but adding in all of those final pieces is hard!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment. I get almost done with my project and I stuck in the final stages. What makes a room have a final and polished look? Is it the accessories, styling, etc.

Mary said...

I need help creating a calm space. How do you do that? Do you stick to neutrals? Can you have contrast & still keep it calm? I need help creating a calm living room.

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