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I’ve been playing a bit of catch-up on my favorite blogs in bloglandia and came across this makeover that Emily Henderson (one of my favorite bloggers/stylists) did for Fran, a resident of the Sunrise Senior Living  community in Washington, D.C.
Did you catch this post?? If not, check the Before & Afters–it was a can’t miss! : 
Nice, light, but typical grandma-style–lots of treasured stuff & random pieces.
Incríble, right??
And a few more…
The “before” of Fran’s bedroom…you must see the afters!
I won’t spoil Emily’s entire post by sharing all the pics here, but I will leave you with this pic of Fran & Emily–could she be any cuter?? 
Something about this makeover I loved. Partially the fact that Fran was the winner (she seems so spunky in her pics) but mostly that she made such bold color choices for her space and already had the most incredible MidCentury Modern furniture pieces (which Emily was able to incorporate into her redesign). 
Fran’s great taste is a testament to the fact that good design NEVER goes out of style! 
If you want to read a feel-good story, read this this morning…you won’t be sorry!  
See more here.

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