Let's talk nurseries, shall we?

Two of my BFFs had kids this year--one towards the beginning of the year (this guy) and another just a few weeks ago. My business partner also had her baby at the beginning of December (her 4th!!) and I know a few other people who a currently preggo (including Kim & 'Ye), so you can say there's a lot of baby fever going around...except with me. I'm not quite ready yet, so in the meantime I design...and what better to design than a nursery!? 

This Modern Rustic nursery is a board I created as part of my FLOR presentation back in August. It's not for an actual client (unfortunately), but my plan is to wish it into existence because I lovelovelove this space. 

What's so fab about it, you ask?
Let me share.

I like my kids rooms (the ones I design and the ones for the kids I don't actually yet have) to feel like kid spaces but not be novelty-central or, on the flip side, super grown adult spaces. I know the kids love Dora but I wouldn't source Dora sheets for their room--it just lacks personality. And I would never, ever do a novelty border, either. It just baby (or cheese) and I think there are so many more ways to make kids rooms interesting than to go for the easiest thing available. What I love about this plan is that all of the furniture can grow with the baby or be allocated to different areas of the house--the bookshelves make great office storage, the dresser/changing table can do double duty as a TV console, the pendant would be perfect in a breakfast nook, and the glider would look just as at home in a Master Bedroom. Use your paint colors & accessories to provide interest & whimsy and because the major pieces are "real" adult pieces, you'll still get the air of sophistication befitting your favorite adult spaces. 
Now that's what I call a fab nursery.

postscript: I've got 2 "girl dates" this weekend so I'm already making progress on my goals for this year--start strong, finish strong is my motto! Enjoy your weekend!


Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

If I were having a baby, I'd hire you to install that exact design. So gorgeous!

pve design said...

Love your design. It is fab.
Good luck on all your goals and staying strong.

melanie said...


charmaine said...

Love all your choices especially the art!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I don't remember you ever highlighting a nursery design! This is so chic.

Jessamie {Bird and Branch Redesign} said...

Girl, I love this nursery! I'm doing G's big girl room right now and I love everything in it...for ME!

Holly said...

I agree about keeping the nursery feeling young but bringing in the big pieces that will last for a while or be abel to move throughout the house. I love that this design board could be for a boy or a girl too.

Ashley said...

Where is the rope pendant from? Do you have a link with sources? Thanks!

Ashley said...

Where is the rope pendant from? Do you have a link with sources? Thanks!

Dayka Robinson said...

It's been awhile, but the pendant was either from Pieces or South of Market, here in Atlanta. If you can't find one still avail, consider having one made! It should be relatively inexpensive.


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