I. am. beat. 
And the Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House JUST opened to the public on Sunday, so I've got 2 more weeks to go.

Between long install nights, last minutes tweaks, parties PLUS a full day of standing in some ridiculously high heels for 6 hours (I know, I did it to myself), I got home on Sunday night, showered & promptly fell into bed at 6:45 pm. 

But the Sunday opening was good.

Close to 500 people came through the house on the opening day and I got some great feedback...those who had seen it before were shocked at the transformation. It's funny how God works things out, too...I am SO thankful that I ended up with the Apartment Entry Hall/Stairway and not the Telephone Nook that I originally wanted. People have to walk through my space to get to the apartment and it ended up being a perfect match to the upstairs space which was designed by Bryan Alan Kirkland. And when I say perfect match, I mean exactly...my drapes are the same color as his walls, and it was not planned since no one knew what I was doing until last week! Our spaces flow together seamlessly. 

So lots of traffic on Sunday, met some great new people & potential clients plus lots of blog friends came out to support me (and Sherry, Lori & Ally, too!) at the Press event on Thursday. 

 Joann Kandrac, Kandrac & Kole & Lauren

Niki McNeil, Single Bubble Pop

The house will be open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 11-5 for the next 2 weeks, so I hope those of you who are ATL-based will get a chance to stop by & see all of the amazing work that's been done. 

If you plan to stop by, let me know--I'd love to see you there!



Girl if I see you in those shoes again....I'm gonna rip them off your feet and send them into space!!! I have been exhausted also....whew it's like the install that never ends:)
See ya Thursday!!

pve design said...

Show us those killer high heals will you please?
Best of luck to you and all that you inspire.

Tonia @ chic modern vintage said...

From the sneak peeks it looks beautiful. You're coming into 2013 with a bang.

courtneyoutloud said...

Congratulations again for working your magic on the space. It is a joy seeing you grow and soar.....this makes me smile!

Niki McNeill said...

Loved the space! And it's so cool that you used family photos in the space too. haha ;)

myblackfriendsays said...

If you see Lauren again, tell her I love her coat!

Dayka said...

Sherry's comment is the funniest...you always hate to see me in high heels at "long-standing" events! Lol, well no worries, I learned my lesson that day.

And to all of you guys, thank you so much for your support, comments & encouragement. You wouldn't believe the emotional roller coaster this has been but I have to say, I am SO PROUD of myself. Can't wait for you all to see pics!


Anonymous said...

Those walls are hot! Love it!


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